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Association of Friends of La Garenne

ADAG was created in 1975 by Erwin Meier, the founder of the park, and Willy Bourquin. The latter became a long-term Chairman of the Association.  ADAG is a non-profit association with the aim to help the Foundation, owner of La Garenne, and to contribute to costs for improving the perimeter, the replacement of aviaries, the building of new enclosures, as well as veterinarian costs, animal feeding, among others.

ADAG’s financial support is essential and that’s why we ask for your help.

With the opening of the new park, it is time for changes while keeping certain advantages. Members of the Association receive the Journal by mail.  Special days are organised for them, with conferences on animals in the park, observation of beavers or other animals during walks in the nature, or discovery of the world of mushrooms and that of insects, accompanied by subject matter specialists.

Members will be advised in due time on bookings by email or by mail in accordance with their choice, by a personalised letter or directly through the Journal.

Become member of the Association:

Yearly membership fees:

- individual: 30.-

- couple: 50.-

- family: 70.-

- corporate:  200.-

You can apply for membership or for any questions addressed to the committee:

La Garenne “ADAG”

Route du Bois-Laurent 1

1261 Le Vaud

Phone: 022 366 11 14


Donations to support the Association are welcome:

IBAN: CH30 0900 0000 1742 2906 6
CCP: 17-422906-6

Your donation is tax-deductible 

General assembly of the Association

Documents to consult:
PV de l'Assemblée Générale 2016
PV de l'Assemblée Générale 2017

Statuts de l'Association Des Amis de la Garenne

Commitee members:

Claire Richard, President
Raoul Feignoux, Vice-president
Micheline Vieux,Treasurer
Lin Schelling, Secretary
Christian Genton, Founding member
Cedric Cojonnex, Member
Geneviève Decosterd, Member
Sarah Junod, Member